Snake God is having a good time playing board games at the bar. Time to ruin their day.


In Bored Gods' Board Game, you play as the Chaos God, throwing around dice and totally messing up their strategy games. Snake God won't stand for that! Can you crush the opposing game pieces before they crush you?

BGBG features endless generated stages, weird classic enemies, and fantastic power-ups. But it's a roll of the dice whether you'll get to use them to their full advantage...


EInteract with pedestal when near (alternatively, bump into it)
TabCheck equipment
Click/EnterAdvance cutscene


Q: What is going on please help
A: You control a die and you can roll yourself to attack. You'll use the equipment mapped to the side you land on. You can buy new items from the pedestals, and you get money by breaking pots and defeating enemies. See if you can get an interesting combo with your equipment! We really like Stunt Doubler.

Q: How do I win?
A: Collect all the keys in the level and head to the door to advance onward. See how far you get before you die.

Q: Why don't the little ships do anything? What's up with that?
A: They're supposed to drop pegs on the board like Battleship, but they're having skill issues. Sorry!

Q:There are pieces stuck off the board/on a floating island.
A: They are having skill issues as well. Sorry!

Q: Why doesn't the shockwave animation always play?
A: We were having skill issues too. Sorry!

Q: Isn't this basically the same thing you did last year, where you take the prompt stupidly literally?
A: Aren't you the same thing you were last year? Ever think about that?


ProgrammingCadence, Janjan, Joseppey, minimus, MNIK, RNL, Torin
ArtCadence (cutscene, scenery), Chai-Kai (enemies), CookieCyclone (icons, scenery, enemies)
Janjan, Yuv
Voice ActingCadence (Chaos God), Chai-kai (Snake God)
Page Setup
Cadence, Janjan, minimus
All of us!

Special thanks:

  • Midnight Synergy


BGBG.exe 34 MB


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Excellent, I liked the arts and animations, the music is sensational too.